As an international risk mitigator, Lloyd has encountered risk in many forms, including coming face to face with armed militia in the jungles of Colombia, extracting clients from a coup in Madagascar and establishing evacuation routes for personnel operating deep inside the DRC. He now uses his experiences to teach organisations and individuals the skills required to operate safely overseas. Lloyd is also a qualified Senior Incident Investigator and has led many investigations into incidents overseas.

Lloyd is the Founder of LFL Global Risk Mitigation which has helped 1000’s of individuals and organisations to effectively mitigate risk wherever in the world they may be operating. The methods used are tried and tested, easy to implement, cost effective and have been successful in protecting people, assets and reputations for over 15 years.

Lloyd’s exposure to risk has allowed him to develop a down to earth approach to mitigating threats, and his experience in dealing with crisis situations has made him the go-to person for organisations across many sectors including:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Extractions

  • Higher Education

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Conservation

  • Scientific Research

  • Media

  • Banking

If you would like to find out more about International Travel Risk Mitigation and how Lloyd can help

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