Lloyd regularly appears in the media and he is the go-to voice for journalists looking for expert commentary on travel security and risk mitigation. He has worked with the BBC, ITV, Sky News and numerous print publications including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Wanderlust and Business Traveller Magazine.

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Daily Telegraph

Seven ways to stay safe on your gap year – and three tips for parents

Business Destinations

Taking the risk out of travel

Lloyd Figgins is a leading international risk expert who has survived some of the most dangerous situations the world has to offer. With a wealth of real-life experience, Figgins has now dedicated himself to making travel safer for all

Wanderlust Travel Magazine

Is it still safe to travel? Everything you need to know about travel and terrorism

Terrorism is the Number One concern for many travellers. But are people too afraid? Terrorism and security expert Lloyd Figgins separates facts from fears, and tells you what you need to know to stay safe

Business Traveller Magazine

Businesstraveller.com – Article July/August 2016

ReadThisBusiness travellers can be a target for kidnappers. Jenny Southan gets a crash course in what to do if the worst happens.

Sky News : Live Interview

Bangkok Bomb: How Safe Is Bangkok For Tourists?

Safe Travels Magazine

Is social media making you a victim of crime?

A photo by Jordan McQueen. unsplash.com/photos/1eWaod96d3k

Daily Mail

Daily Mail - Article March 2016

Surviving natural disasters like an
avalanche and a hurricane revealed.

Oxford Times

Profile: Lloyd Figgins is always looking for danger

Stuart Macbeth talks to a man whose working life revolves around identifying hazards.

Daily Telegraph

23 simple ways to stay safe on holiday - from a former soldier

How to stay safe when travelling

Business Traveller Magazine

Daily Mail - Article April 2016

Mail Online travel’s guide on how to
stay out of trouble while holidaying
in a Dictatorship.

BBC TV: Lloyd Figgins

Lloyd Figgins on BBC TV: My row across the Atlantic after returning from Barbados.

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